"Through our extensive experience, insight, and resources our team assists investors, tenants, and third party property owners in making informed real estate decisions"  



Brytar Companies

Founded by Scott Remphrey in 1996 with the goal to serve investor and tenant interests throughout the entire process of acquisition, development, and ultimate completion of commercial real estate projects, including the management of retail properties. 

Now in our third decade of business, Brytar Companies and our associates have worked diligently to achieve superior reputation with investors and tenants. Thus allowing Brytar Companies a history of success, regional continuity, and stability. 


Real Estate Investments


Over our history we have developed a reputation for increasing revenues, controlling expenses, and keeping commercial tenants satisfied. Our goal is to maximize your return on investment by capturing the value from every expense. Assurance of a value added outcome is ensured through our attention to detail with any request managed from entry to completion.  


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Brytar Companies provides comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Development Programs designed to eliminate cost and time overruns, maximize rents, and produce results consistent with the expectations of our clients. Brytar Companies converts a sometimes complex and intimidating process into a streamlined and coordinated team effort. 

Property Management

When the need for Property Management Company occurs, no other company surpasses the services of Brytar Companies Property Management team. Actively involved in multiple capacities of property management, we have become the team that indisputably understands and respects the needs of our clients.